Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Persian Peony Tile Progress

It's now Tuesday evening, and as I've been home with a cold for the last two days (what a way to start off the new year.) I did make a bit of progress on the Persian Peony Tile between taking naps and drinking gallons of herb tea. This is where I left off, notice the felt knapweed shapes scattered randomly on the surface of the piece? I did get those tacked into place, but more about those later.

This is Gilt Pearl Purl in it's unstretched form. I snipped two five inch (20 cm) lengths and gently stretched them so they measured 12 inches (20 cm). 

Then I wrapped six strands of Cifonda Art Silk 754 (purple) around the pearl purl. This floss was so fine it was very difficult to use, almost like rayon. So I waxed it! I know, it's almost a sacrilege, but after all, it was just for wrapping the pearl purl and I didn't want the strands to separate.  I found that taping the end helped to keep it from unwrapping - pretty handy.

I then couched it into place with one strand of the same thread, and using my tweezers, bent the pearl purl at the tips to give the shape a bit more definition.

And here it is, with all the wrapped pearl purl couched into place, and the knapweed felt bodies stitched down. I don't like the one on the right, so I may redo it.

Next up, embroidering the leaves on the bottom, then couching more stems. But it's back to work for me tomorrow, so not too much stitching until the weekend.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love the borders Jane's done in this design/collection (I got the book out of the library!!).

  2. I really like wrapped pearl purl. It is very effective if a little fiddle to do the wrapping. This is coming along famously.

  3. Oh, it is looking beautiful ! I hope you are feeling better today :)

  4. Its looking wonderful. One day I will get round to trying goldwork. Hope the colds gone.

  5. That looks lovely. You've made great progress.


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