Sunday, January 15, 2012

Frustrating Crewel Work!

One of the reasons I really love carpooling (aside from saving money, which is always good) is that it gives me several more hours each week in which to stitch. I decided to work on of the smalls from Tristan Brooks while carpooling to work. Should be nice and easy, right? After all, the kit contains preprinted linen, all of the threads organized on a card, needles and instructions. And I have already done a few of them as well as the Elizabethan Pencil Box. All I need to add are scissors, needle threader and glasses (always glasses, sigh). It's a fairly easy project, with stitches suited to a beginner. So what's the problem?

The stems, leaves and the partially worked blue flower look pretty good, but take a look at that wonky pomegranate. It consists of two rows of coral stitch, but I didn't manage to stitch a nice, smooth curve. I had just enough of the Heathway Pomegranate 5 left, so I took it all out and redid it at home.

So here it is with the outer two rows in 5, plus two inner rows each of 4 and 3. Much smoother outline, don't you agree? But look at the top and bottom where the lines of stitching meet. It doesn't look at all like the photo, and it bothers me so much that I can't live with it. After all, this is a practice piece to get me in stitching shape, so to speak, for working the Royal Persian Blossom. But the problem is that I'm completely out of Pomegranate 5 and there isn't enough of the 3 and 4 left to redo it. But, I can order more, right? Well only partially. Tristan Brooks, whom I think is the only American supplier, is closed until the end of the month. But I'll put my order in and try to be patient.

The moral to this story: Don't do anything requiring precision in the car! Especially on the really bumpy section of the I-5 near San Juan Capistrano. I'll dig out a crochet project to work from now on.


  1. Don't you get carsick? I can't even read when a I'm a passenger, and even the thought of sewing in a car makes me feel ill. I think I'd just spend the time chatting!

  2. Thats such a shame. I hope your order will be processed quickly on their return to work. I always drive everywhere as I get car sick. Wish I didn't because there are times that I drive for 6-7 hours a day and it could be time better spent stitching LOL. Mind you it only happens every couple of months

  3. I am the same as Katherine. If I am not driving, I get sick!

    Good luck with your pomegranate!

  4. I understand your frustration as I usually have difficulty with the coral stitch and getting it to look attractive. We're not alone... check Mary's post on the same kit:

    I hope you get it worked out to the way you like it as it is a lovely design!

  5. No, I never get sick in the car, just luck, I guess!

    Gail, thanks for the reference to Mary's post. I remember it now and wish I had read it before starting this small. I may just do the stem stitch for the pomegranate.

  6. Oh dear:) I can see your problem. Coral stitch is not easy. I am sure you will put it right.
    I can't stitch in a car, crochet is about the limit


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