Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Small Project for the Car

I'm always on the lookout for some nice, small and relatively easy projects to work on while my carpooler has her turn driving. I had these Crewel projects from Tristan Brooks so I thought they would be just perfect.

So last week I brought it along, mounted the linen on the muslin, hooped it and started working. As I was working, I kept getting this nagging feeling that this was familiar to me. So when I got home I started looking around and found that I had already done this particular kit and even posted about it over a year ago. So how on earth did I manage to wind up with two kits? As far as I can remember, I treated myself to three kits a few months ago for my birthday. I bought these but only posted about the Elizabethan Pencil Box. I purchased the kits shown above, the two Charleston Smalls and the one Newbury Small, but didn't realize at the time that I bought the kit I already own. Sheesh! The brain seems to be going a bit soft. So I'll give away the one that's already completed and mounted into a trivet then figure out what to do with the rest.

That herringbone leaf is driving me crazy. I've started it three times and have already taken out the latest try. I'll lock myself in my sewing room and not come out until it's complete. One thing that I really like about this kit is that the kit makers have made the printed design much thinner and changed the color to a light brown (or sepia). It was a thick green before and very difficult to cover, especially with the lighter colored wool.

So about working this in the car: not a very good idea. I am too obsessed about making the stitches look precise and it's too hard to do that in the car.  I really want to start on the Royal Persian Blossom Kit from Talliaferro and am using these as practice pieces. At any rate, I'll have to come up with something a bit more forgiving, like crocheting or smocking


  1. It's so nice to read about other people doing the same silly things that I do! I guess our memory isn't as good as it used to be!

    I like to do small crochet projects in the car. Like you said, they are much more forgiving! As I have found out recently, they are great for in the hospital too :)

    Now time to take Grace to school and then go relieve my husband at the hospital again. I'm hoping this will be our last day there. We'll see!


  2. I do some silly things too but havent succeeded in doubling up on sewing stuff yet although the day is coming LOL. I love your new kits though and look forward to seeing them worked. I always drive everywhere so no chance for stitching in my car.

  3. You have made me laugh Cynthia, thank you. Let's just say practice makes perfect!

    I bought the remaining Appleton's threads today for the Royal Persian Blossom design - I should have everything I need now.

    I will be looking to frame up the fabric in the next couple of weeks. It is going to be challenging but fun I am sure.



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