Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Christmas Distraction

Last weekend, after coming home from the Persian Peony Class, I took a few hours to attend a local quilt show. I really didn't buy much, but couldn't resist this darling angel Advent Calendar by Makower UK fabrics. I love their fabrics, as they have a somewhat heavy hand, and generally have plenty of gold, especially in their Christmas fabrics. I spent some precious time sewing all the pockets on the panel, when I really should have been working on the aforementioned Peony or my terribly neglected Golden Pomegranate. The really bad part of this is that I have two older Makower Advent Calendar kits in my Christmas Fabric collection, just waiting to be sewn together.  I mentioned last year that I have all angel ornaments on the Christmas tree, so I just had to have this calendar to go with it. The trouble is, there aren't any children around to get the treats in the pockets.

I also picked up this darling Ladybug Charm Apron that will be perfect for my granddaughter, who is 3 1/2 years old. This shop is Quilter's Cottage in Fallbrook, not too far away, so I'll have to drop by sometime. I purchased the Advent Calendar from them, too.

I'm getting ready to attend our SAGA Convention in Anaheim, October 12 - 16, and if I get my act together I'll remember to take some photos and post while I'm there.

Well, it's Sunday evening, and time to make dinner and get ready for the week to come. I'm only going to work on Monday, and it's my turn to drive. I did make a decision on the "Small Project for the Car" and I'll share it with you once I start it the week of the 17th.

Have a great week! I know I will!


  1. This year's Makower calendar is so pretty! I recently visited the store where I purchased the one I made last year. They did not carry them this year.
    Have a wonderful time at SAGA!

  2. Gorgous calendar and I love the look of the apron too.


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