Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More Flowers, and a Revelation

Block 20
 I've been pretty busy with the Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt, and getting in a lot of TV time while I'm working it.

Block 21
Block 22
Block 23

Block 24
But the hand sewing has been hard on my fingers, as I tend to stab into them to make sure I've penetrated both layers of fabric.  Then I thought, since I am marking each of the corners for accurate placement, if I've very careful and slow, I should be able to do this on the machine, right?

 And yes, Blocks 25 - 27 are all machine sewn.

Block 25

Block 26

Block 27

I'll take some good photos of the process to share with you. I was able to sew three of them in less time than it takes to hand sew one.

I'm sure many will say, but hand sewing is so relaxing! Yes, it is, but I have plenty of other projects that require hand work.

QA Inspector says the Flowers are fine

But he wants this moving toy! 
Only eight more flower blocks to go, and all the connecting pieces, and I'll be ready to put it all together.

I've been looking for quilting ideas, and have come across a few on, where else, Pinterest, but I need to document them for future reference. I may quilt this myself, in spite of my long standing aversion to quilting.


  1. I can't even imagine sewing hexies by machine! You've just completely boggled my mind!

  2. The machine pieced flowers are undistinguishable from the hand pieced. They all are so pretty. I love the baby's look at the cat, too sweet!

  3. I left a comment that Blogger ate a week ago, and I've forgotten to come back before now! But, I totally agree that machine stitching is the way to go with batiks -- save your hands for something with a bigger payoff. I will be so glad when my EPP project is done, and I can get back to some embroidery!

    I think you have a budding cat lover there! So cute. :D


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