Friday, January 1, 2016

First Projects for The New Year

Partially Smocked Dimity Dreams Bodice
Don't worry! I'm not doing a retrospective of 2015 nor a preview of 2016, except for a few immediate and one very large project. This coming Monday, Jan 4, I will be attending a function at our local library to help show what the library has to offer the community.

Pleated Pocket
So this weekend I intend to get the Dimity Dreams dress into shape, to show that smocking is alive (barely) and well (slightly) in Northern Colorado.

Tatting for Linen Handkerchief
Since I'm in the Tatting Group that meets at the library, this is what I'll be working on. I made the hanky with some fine handkerchief linen and am tatting an edging for it. It's not the super fine, No 80 tatting thread but instead a somewhat respectable No 50 DMC Cordonnet.  I'll sew some of it on to show how to attach the edging to the hanky.

But I'll also show the smocking in the above photos, bring some flyers and extra copies of the SAGA Newsletter, and try to generate some interest. In case you are wondering, I do have permission from the library staff to do this.  I will finish the back smocking, then construct the dress as much as possible to have something nice to show.

My big project is of course my new house, and I'll post an update on it later this week.  One item I really want in it is a photo station. It is sadly needed, as you can tell by the poor quality of photos.

It's now Friday morning and time to turn on the Twilight Zone marathon!


  1. I hope the library visit goes well!

  2. I recorded the Twilight Zone marathon a few years ago, and got a very good quilt idea from it too! I hope your presentation is a success -- you certainly will have some beautiful things to show. I love them both!


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