Sunday, January 3, 2016

Doors Installed!

This is the latest photo of the house, taken between Christmas and New Year's. The garage doors have been installed, along with the blank front door. A blank is used until all the finish trim work and painting is completed, then the real front door will be installed so as to avoid any damage to it. Notice the windows on the small garage door are different from the main door, the builder will look into it next week.

All the plumbing and HVAC venting is installed, even the hot water heater is there. Just nothing is hooked up. We had the electrical walk through last week. I've added a good 25% more outlets than was in the original plan, figuring you can never have too many. On the advice of our youngest son (the theoretical physicist) I'm having ethernet connectors installed in the bedrooms and family room. That way we can rely on wireless only for phones and tablets. It makes for much more reliable connections and faster download speeds.

It should be finished sometime in March, and we will move in by mid April.


  1. What a lovely home! I bet you can't wait to get in. This is exactly the size and type of home Ern and I are seeking out in the spring, at least once we sell this one. Fingers crossed!

  2. Woo hoo is right! Looking good. :D


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