Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yards and Yards of Fabric!

It's always nice to clean out a sewing room, because you come across things you don't ever remember buying. While going through the drawers in my sewing room I came across yards and yards of this fabric.

It has an assortment of butterflies,


and plums, just in case you may think it's not healthy.

Along with a couple of cute birds, five different motifs in all. But I have ten yards of the stuff! And it's nice, quilt shop quality fabric, from Northcutt. The problem is that for the life of me I can't remember why I bought it. It must be for a quilt back, but ten yards is still quite a bit of fabric. In fact, it would probably cover two or three quilts.

Having all this fabric wouldn't be such a bad thing if I actually liked it. That green/yellow part that looks like old fashioned wallpaper just doesn't do anything for me. In other words, ick. So if I can't figure out a good purpose for this stuff, off to Goodwill it will have to be.

Any ideas for this fabric?


  1. Let me see now...

    Well, if you don't like and haven't a use for it, the obvious answer is to sell it and let someone else have the problem!! I think that's what I would do, although I may cut off a little and reserve one or two of the nicest motifs to pick out in embroidery.=)

  2. The background does look a bit odd, but the vignettes are very pretty. I'll be interested to find out whether you think of something to do with it!

  3. I think the individual motifs are quite lovely and perhaps could be used separate from the fabric? They have a sort of hand painted look about them which I like. Not sure I'd want ten yards of them either, though. Maybe a vintage type dress for a little one?

  4. Well, you must had bought it for something, although 10m? Curtains perhaps? It is quite pretty actually, but difficult to "place" I think. My surprised drawer finds are usually pleasant, "oh, I forgot I had this!"

  5. My thought was curtains too. 10 yds would back a king-sized quilt. It's always fun to find that old stuff. Maybe it was a gift or hand-me-down? I'm sure your local quilt guild would be delighted to have it to back their charity quilts. Let us know what you decide!

  6. Che sorpresa??? Tanti metri ma bellissimo tessuto, potresti utilizzarla per trapunte e cuscini e tempo permetterndo realizzarli come doni di Natale


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