Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas Wall Hanging Update

This will be a very quick post. I've finished the embroidery on my Christmas Wall Hanging, and cut out the triangle squares for the edging. I only need 22 of these squares, but the kit included fat quarters of each of six light and dark fabrics, so there is lots left over.

Rough placement of the edging.

I added some beads to the heart ornament,

And to the birdie's scarf. I also added a beaded start in the upper right hand corner, but mistakenly deleted that photo. I'll show you a closeup in the finished version.

However, I won't be stitching this weekend. Mr. CS and I are off to Los Angeles for my 25th work anniversary dinner. We are playing museum goers this trip, visiting the Getty Villa today for a lecture, "How to Win an Election, A Guide for Modern Politicians", about an election pamphlet that Cicero's brother wrote for him over 2,000 years ago. It may not sound interesting to most of you, but I love Roman history and my husband is a bona fide Political Scientist (with a PhD, even!). I even downloaded the lecturer's book on the subject and will read it to my husband in the car.  Then tomorrow we will visit the Getty Center, which has an exhibit on Middle Age devotional art I'm looking forward to seeing.

So I got up early this Saturday morning (ugh!), had a nice latte, and am off to a brisk walk to burn off a few calories in anticipation of all the lovely restaurant meals we will be having this weekend.

Happy Stitching and I hope you all have a nice, productive weekend.

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  1. I hope you are having a great time! It's always nice to have a break, too. :)


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