Monday, December 26, 2011

Some Exciting News!

I have just a few things to share with you today, the first day after Christmas. If you're interested in Historical Embroidery and Goldwork, then the exciting news is that Ruth O'Leary's St. Cuthbert's Banner is finished!  It is embroidered on beautiful red velvet with lots of appliquéd flowers around the border. The center cross is also appliquéd with lots of gold, some leather and more velvet. She has a link on the side bar of her blog that will take you to all of the posts related to the banner. Many are just fascinating, but there are lots of posts about embroidering all those flowers and leaves. I can't imagine how tedious that must have been. But Ruth stuck to it, and the result is absolutely stunning. Please stop by Ruth's site, take a look at the gorgeous banner, and leave a comment telling her how lovely it is.

The other exciting news is that Mary Corbet of Needle n' Thread is having a Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway and so far the first day's offering is pretty spectacular! Go over and see it, leave a comment and maybe you'll get lucky. I hope I will!

I am on my Christmas Holiday from work, so I plan on some serious sewing and stitching related activities. First of all, I'm organizing some of my fabric into mini-bolts using the comic book boards I purchased from Amazon. Follow the link and read some of the reviews. Most are from sewists, not comic book enthusiasts, which I thought pretty funny. Then I have some projects to work on and I'll share them with you this week as I progress.

Have a great stitching week!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on Mary's blog giveaway! The first day's prize is awesome!


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