Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ladybug Charm Apron

I completed this apron for my granddaughter today, and will ship it off to them when I finish the Christmas shopping for them this week. Those red strips are the ties hanging at the bottom of the apron. She loves to help her mommy in the kitchen, so this will make it extra fun for her. The pattern, from The Apron Lady was very easy, but unfortunately left a few markings and instructions out, making it somewhat complicated for a beginner.  I rummaged through my extensive collection of unfinished and not-even-started projects and found two more patterns from the same company, and maybe I'll make them soon.  Unfortunately, with all that's happened lately, I don't have time to make a darling Christmas Dress for my granddaughter, so the nightgown and this apron will have to do.

If you notice on my sidebar, I've added the Pattern Review button to link to the reviews of the patterns I've made. I'm determined to do more garment construction, and will write a review of each pattern I make and post it on PR. I'm determined to do quite a few other things, such as getting back to embroidery, but that's another story. So please visit my reviews (only two so far), and let me know if they help you. 



  1. The apron is just precious. Any little girl would love it and want to cook all the time. She may grow up be the next Paula Deen---because of this apron!

  2. Such a cute apron. Hopefully we all might be able to see a pic of it being modelled.


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