Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simplicity 5382 is Finished!

Here is Simplicity 5382, all finished! The embroidery took about an hour to work, the crocheted edging a bit longer. Bridget, my granddaughter, saw the embroidery and said, "Happy Birthday!" She still isn't too clear on the concept of Christmas.  I made a few modifications on the pattern, adding pleats to the bodice instead of gathers, and a few little pleats on the sleeve hem. I made the nightgown a size 4 so my granddaughter can wear it again next year. Unfortunately, she was pretty cranky every evening, so I was unable to get a photo of her in it.

This was a pretty easy pattern, and I plan on writing a review in Pattern Review when I get a few minutes.

So where have I been these last few weeks? Up to my ears in all sorts of things! As I mentioned in a previous post, the computer crashed and I just now have a bit of time to actually work on the new one. Much of the software was pretty old, so we're updating, and installing Office, Parallels, Adobe Photoshop Elements, among other things. In fact, I'm installing Office while I'm writing this. 

Right about the same time the computer crashed my mother had a heart attack and then open heart surgery. She's back home and doing reasonably well. One really great thing about having a large family is that there is always someone around to visit. I have four siblings in the area so in all good conscience I was able to leave Mom to have Thanksgiving with my DD in Colorado.

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  1. How special to have this made by Grandma Christmas nightgown. It's very pretty.

    Sorry to hear about your mom and glad you got to spend time with DD. I have a large family these these types of decisions seem to become more frequent as time goes on.


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