Friday, November 4, 2011

Crocheting in the Car

Remember some time back I had a post about trying to find something easier than embroider to do in the car? I selected this project from Leisure Arts Shawls and Wraps for all Occasions and had everything ready to start this in the car for when I was back from the SAGA Convention. But at the Convention they had all of these Wee Care gowns on display. As I mentioned, I had only four to contribute. (Never mind that I found several more in the sewing room when I got home)

So I changed my mind and started some tiny crocheted afghans. They are quick and easy to do, and soon I should have the patterns memorized. 

I made one out of Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarn, started another, then ran out and had to buy another skein. I'll try to make a few little bitty hats out of the leftover yarn.

Then I bought two skeins of Lion Brand Baby Soft and have made two afghans so far and am still on the first skein. These are great car projects are they are pretty easy and that's what I need, easy! It's also a great way to use the 40% off coupons for Michael's and Joann's. I throw so many of them away it isn't funny.

The patterns are from Leisure Arts 63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches that I picked up from Joann's.  I used patterns that are worked in the round so I can make them any size I want. Robin Hart, who has commented several times on this blog, heads up SAGA's Wee Care program and says that the afghans should be approximately 13-14 inches square. Please email her if you would like to participate in this worthy program.

There are lots of free patterns available at Crochet Central, this link gives you the 12 inch square patterns. All you have to do is make it in baby yarn, add a sweet shell edging, and you're done! Eventually I will tire of making them and will need a break, then will switch to the shrug pictured above.

I'm home today with a cold, and since it is raining I've made a fire in the family room fireplace and have been working (not on fun stitching projects, but on real work) while watching chick flicks. Well, they are my sort of chick flicks. I have watched Room with a View and am now working on The Age of Innocence.  I had better get back to it before the guys I live with (son and hubby) get home!

Have a great weekend!


  1. What gorgeous colours!

    'Lion Brand' used to be stationery in the UK when I was younger. Wonder if they're still going?

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend the day! Stitch on!

  3. Love the crochet Cynthia. I haven't done any for a while


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