Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Smocked Hanger Cover - Smocking Finished

This last weekend I managed to wrench my back, so I've been spending quite a lot of time sitting in my sewing room with a heating pad pressed to my lower back.  This has an unexpected side effect - I  finished all the smocking on the Smocked Hanger Cover. 

Here it is pinned on my ironing pad to block it to 15 inches wide. What looks like stains in the center and upper right hand portion are just wet spots where I sprayed it with a bit too much water. All the blue washout pen markings have disappeared, but I think a total immersion in water might be necessary to remove the dye completely, and I'm really not ready to spend so much time ironing the ruffles again. It is so time consuming as I can only iron a few inches at a time with the tip of the iron. Remember how I mentioned that I pleated the fabric end to end and was left with lots of empty pleats and needle holes? Luckily, though, the pleating has pretty much been ironed out and the holes are almost completely closed.

In the first post about this project, I was undecided about which silk floss colors to use.  I decided to go with the Soie d'alger floss colors of 4621 and 4622. These are somewhat "antique" or dusty colored, which goes very nicely with the ivory silk dupioni.

This project was given by our local SAGA chapter, which provided the kits consisting of batiste fabric, floss and hanger. As I didn't attend the last meeting I used my own fabric and floss. Now all I need to do is to get my hands on the hanger, cover it with batting, and sew the smocked cover on. But I'll have to attend the next meeting for that to happen, which will not be for a couple of weeks yet.

The good news is that I am recovering from my back wrench (that's a technical term) by taking plenty of naproxen, using my heating pad and stretching several times a day. I hope to be back to normal shortly!


  1. Hope your back is better soon. Ouch, I've been there and I hope you are not too uncomfortable.

    This is so pretty. Can't wait to see done.

  2. Gorgeous! I hope the hanger that this covers won't be stuck in a closet where no one can see it! That would be a real shame! I love the thread colors you used too :)



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