Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Project - Smocked Hanger Cover

One of the two SAGA chapters that I belong to just started a smocked hanger cover project, so naturally I had to participate. After all, who could resist this lovely project?

This project is from Australian Smocking and Embroidery, Issue 41 from 1997 and yes, we did get permission from Country Bumpkin to make copies to distribute to our members. I didn't make it to the meeting last Monday evening to pick up a kit, so I decided to work on it at home. Instead of the Imperial batiste called for in the kit, I found a bit of ivory silk dupioni, and pleated it according to the instructions.

Instead of the Imperial batiste called for in the kit, I found a bit of ivory silk dupioni, and pleated it according to the instructions. That little bump just left and above the center is where one of my pleating needles broke, darn it! I'm hoping that I can hide it by some fancy smocking.

The original instructions called for a narrow hem on each of the long ends of the fabric, but I added a fancy touch by rolling and whipping some tiny swiss embroidery edging to it. Here it is smoothed out a bit so you can see it better. I do need to add in a buttonhole for the hanger to slip through, so I guess I had better get around to it before I start smocking.

The pattern calls for two shades of DMC floss, 224 and 225, both slightly different shades of pink. But since I'm smocking on silk I generally like to smock with silk floss. This is what I dug out of my collection. The Soie d'alger floss colors are 4621 and 4622, both are "dusty" colors, sort of antique looking. The Kreinik Silk Mori colors are 1032 and 1033 and are both more "pinky". I haven't yet decided which I'll choose, but am sort of leaning towards the Soie d'alger. What do you think?


  1. That is so pretty, how could you cover it up with clothing?

    Either of your color choices would be beautiful...or do one of each!


  2. Love the colours and these coat hangers are brilliant. I have a few of the lace and nylon knitted ones and they keep the clothes hanging really nice.

  3. Whenever I'm wanting a project to be extra-special I always go for silk floss. So, please choose the silk! I adore the luster of silk floss and yes it will go lovely with the dupioni.

  4. I just found your blog whilst searching for instructions on finishing off a smocked coat hanger.
    you have a new follower. :)
    The coat hanger done with silk will be exquisit -I can't imagine actually hiding it away in a cupboard with clothes on it. I could however picture it with a wedding dress hanging from it in a lovely photo. My daughter just got married and her dress was photographed hanging on the plastic hanger it came on.
    I look forward to seeing whhich of the pinks you choose. My bias is towards silk; nothing quite as lovely as the feel os silk thread sliding through silk fabric.


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