Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little Bo Peep Quilt

My little granddaughter has three quilts that I've made for her, one of which is a pink heirloom quilt that I've already shown you. Today I am showing you another Wendy Schoen kit, the Little Bo Peep Quilt, from Wendy's Embroidery Club of 2006.

The kit included white cotton for the front and all of the colors for the applique pieces. Originally, the pieces were supposed to have been appliqued to the white cotton by hand, using needle turn applique. This consists of cutting out each piece with a 1/8 to 1/4 inch margin, basting it in position, then turning the margins under by sweeping it with the needle and at the same time, taking tiny stitches to attach the piece to the ground cloth. The objective is to teach the stitchers the needle turn applique method while making this adorable quilt. Several years earlier I had made 12 appliqued quilt block using this technique, so I decided I already was fairly well trained. Instead I cut out each piece right on the finished outline, and machine appliqued them in place using a buttonhole stitch with matching thread.

If you click on the photos you should just be able to see the applique. Needless to say, this made the construction much, much quicker.

I quilted little lambs and clouds by making a template of the shapes and marking them on the white cotton with blue washout markers


The backing is this cute pink pique with little lambs on it. If you like this fabric, Wendy has some extra for sale on her website at a reduced price.

Now for the likes and dislikes:

It is a very cute pattern with the usual high quality materials Wendy always has in her kits. Once I decided to go with machine applique the construction was fairly simple. This would have been a very good beginner's project for needle turn applique.

Unfortunately, Wendy no longer offers the pattern or the kit for this project. The only other thing I didn't like was the blanket binding that came with it. It is the Wright's polyester blanket binding that you see everywhere. I decided to self bind it with the backing fabric, and I like the way it came out.

This quilt I've always kept here at home for when my granddaughter visits, but now I have a problem. She is 2 1/2, and will be graduating to a real bed sometime this year. This means she'll need a new quilt!

I'm sure you are wondering about the 12 needle turn blocks I've made. Some day I'll get them out, photograph them, and post about them. Then maybe in some future day I'll actually make them into a quilt!

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  1. Gorgeous! It has such a vintage feel about it too.


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