Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Little Rag Doll with a Bow

I really uploaded the post about finishing the Little Rag Doll a bit too soon. When I finish a project, I generally intend to write about what I liked and/or didn't like about it, so here it is:

But first of all, a picture of the doll with the hair bow.

I love the embroidery on the face! It is just so adorable. There is no way I could have come up with the curlicues on the eye stitching or the spirals for the cheeks, but they really look like they belong there. I also like that the doll is fairly big, measuring 18 inches head to toe. The curly hair was constructed by knitting wool yarn then cutting it apart. But it really was a bit tedious stitching it on the head, so much so I had to get up several times to get away from it. But now that I think about it, I did have a flu shot that Friday morning, which made me feel somewhat sickly on Saturday and Sunday, when I was finishing the doll. So I'll blame my impatience on the flu vaccine. The bright colors of the dress are just what this doll needs, although you could make any sort of dress for it. I might just do that. A girl needs a change of clothes now and again.

There isn't much I didn't like about this doll, except for the fact that the head seemed wider than the doll in the photo. I can't figure out why, as I followed the instructions and patterns very carefully and did stuff it firmly.

Oh, I know what I didn't like - the boots don't fit. Try as I might, I simply cannot get the boots on the doll's feet. I may make a new pair that is shorter and larger, maybe even with a velcro closure or a ribbon at the top.

If you remember, this pattern came from Country Bumpkin's magazine Inspirations, Issue No. 65. I have to say it is fairly typical of CB's patterns, absolutely adorable! There isn't much in their mags that I don't really, really want to make. Although I do have to say that this particular project is easier than most. Some can be quite challenging, but then that's the way we learn new techniques.

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