Friday, October 15, 2010

Back Home

Finally - back home again. We visited an uncle in Texas, our daughter and her family in Colorado, then made it back home Tuesday afternoon. We drove over many miles of flat, parched land, through the Rockies and the weirdly gorgeous rock formations of Utah. Much of it was breathtakingly beautiful. As much as I love Southern California, it was the ugliest part of the whole trip. As we came into the San Bernardino area the whole land was covered with a thick haze. Not quite smog, but still not very nice.

I'm working on stitching the face for the doll I'm making from Inspirations No. 65, described in the post from Labor Day Weekend.  I had planned on taking it with me, but at the last minute decided that embroidery in the car would not be a good thing. Too many bumps and interruptions for navigation to really be able to place the needle exactly where I wanted.

So instead I've been obsessed with crocheting these washcloths. This is the one I mentioned that I ran out of yarn and had to buy a new skein to finish the scallop border. It only used a bit of yarn from the new skein so I will make a round washcloth out of the rest.

This one was easy! All single crochet - I can handle this pattern. The next one I made was a knitted basketweave pattern that the pattern said was easy, but I've totally messed it up and am considering my options.  I'll post on that one after I figure out what to do, but it will probably involve some serious de-knitting.

So here is the face of the doll I've been working on since I've come home. Not much progress, but don't you love those lips? I have a three day weekend ahead of me, so I hope to finish it soon. The left eye is a bit lopsided, but should smooth out a bit once I finish the embroidery. I did finish knitting the yarn for the hair, and even started to take it apart. The wool is maintaining its shape so the hair will be very curly. I'll show you that soon!

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