Thursday, November 14, 2013

Working on the Leaves

I'm trying to work an hour or two on the Embroidered Silk Evening Bag every day or so, and I am making some progress. Here I'm working on the second leaf.

Blending in the light yellow green over the darker green.

The tips of the leaves are actually a gold color, which you can barely see. Well, maybe you can't see it, I think I can because I know it's there. I picked up the thread for the stem and used it to make the vein, which I'm not sure is quite right. Do green leaves have brown center veins?

During the class our teacher, Susan, had us start different items on the embroidery so she could touch on the different techniques. Now that the class is over, I'm trying to stick with the order of work in the instructions, so I'll be doing all the leaves next. This will be pretty dull, so I won't bore you with each leaf's progress.

Those little yellow circles were driving me nuts, so I finished them along with the buds at the ends of the stems. As you can see, I've started on the third leaf. I'm sure I'll need to try something else while working the leaves, so I'll probably finish the French knot berries at the top. Those are fun to do, and don't require much concentration so I can watch TV. I've finished with Merlin and have started Sherlock, which apparently is coming back next year for a third season.


  1. It's coming along beautifully, Cynthia!=)

  2. There are always loads of leaves to do in a pattern like this, and I always find it hard to deal with the repetition. I've found it helps to do the stems as I do the leaves, and then the design feels as though it is growing in a more coherent manner!

  3. Hi Cynthia, You might try The Paradise - on the PBS website right now. The story line is not as gripping as Downton, but the costumes are beautiful! You'll love them.

  4. This is looking so beautiful.


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