Friday, November 1, 2013


I've been quite happy lately working on the Celtic Hearts Blanket, adding little rosebuds and leave to the vines. However, I made a very frustrating discovery: I ran out of the thread for the vines. This is Kacoonda Hi Twist Silk thread with very subtle shading. In the last post I mentioned that I ran out of the DMC wool and had earlier run out of the Colour Streams Exotic Lights.

This is as far as I can work at this time. The vine on the right has a little curlicue left to work on the left side of the heart, so I don't want to add the rosebuds or leaves until I get than finished. So now I'm stuck. I did find a supplier who carries both the Kacoonda and the Colour Streams, and of course it's in Australia. So until they arrive, this is getting put away.

Here is a shot of the whole design. I had less than half the necessary amount of the Kacoonda Hi Twist to finish the design. There are supposed to be vines going around all of the hearts on the outside.  So I've ordered several skeins of the Hi Twist, also some silk ribbon just in case I'll need it for the leaves, and more of the Colour Streams Exotic Lights. I want to add some hearts in the corners of the blanket to balance it out a bit. If you would like to see my previous posts on this project, click here.

I find is so very frustrating to run out of threads during a project. I know that many teachers want to keep the costs down on their kits, but I would be happy to pay more to have enough threads to be able to do over some of the work I'm not happy with. But this is ridiculous! There just wasn't enough threads to complete the project. It's especially frustrating because these are threads which are not easily available. I had to hunt for the DMC wool and found it locally, but the others are Australian and not even available in the US. I love the idea of kits, but this one is starting to make me dislike them.  Time to calm down.

Tomorrow I start a new project! Susan O'Connor of Country Bumpkin is coming to our SAGA guild to teach her lovely silk shaded purse, Caprice. You can find it in issue 44 of Inspirations, and I'll post photos soon.


  1. It's quite hard to be sure of how mch to put in these kits, people use surprisingly different amounts of thread to do the same things, but in this case it almost looks as though they forgot a bundle of thread!

  2. It may not be finished but it certainly is stunning!

  3. Hi Cynthia. I am so very glad that I finally found your blog. All of your work is meticulous and perfectly stitched, from the Heirloom smocking on the children's clothing, to the Elizabethan embroidery, to your garment sewing, etc.. I find myself truly inspired by your beautiful work. I think I may have to go out and buy myself some of those delicious "Needlework Nibble" projects to practice up on my embroidery.

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy following my blog.


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