Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hand Sewn Baby Slip Finished

Goodness, but I love being retired. I'm actually ahead of the curve on a project, the first time in a very long time. As I mentioned in a previous post on this project, I decided to make this baby slip entirely by hand. This month at our SAGA meeting we will be working on buttonholes.

I did most of the construction in the car while riding to my niece's wedding, but did all the feather stitching both at home and while flying to Michigan for another niece's wedding last weekend.

I did make the buttonholes by hand, but did not make a machine buttonhole and work a hand stitched one over it as I mentioned in the last post. There just would have been too much thread build up for that. So I practiced a few and went ahead to the actual slip. They don't look too bad, and if I were a decent photographer you could see them a bit better. So I'm actually finished with the project ahead of schedule. What a nice feeling!


  1. It is really beautiful, Cynthia. Roll on retirement!

  2. Well done! Being ahead of schedule really *is* something, isn't it? I remember when I had that hardanger scatter cushion cover done in good time last summer, I was quite stunned at myself!!=)

  3. E' bellissimo, brava!!! Quanta precisione, complimenti

  4. Very pretty..i've made two with a decorative stitch on my machine. I drew it out on the fabric, the went over that with the stitch, then cut it out. Sewed up the sides and one shoulder, then put a button and buttonhole on the other..really nice.


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