Monday, August 5, 2013

Butterfly Needlework Nibble Finished

My latest Needlework Nibble finished! This is a little pin pad, and I suppose it's meant to have pins stuck in the sides, but I can't bear to do that with this silk. I'm afraid it will rip the fabric too much. I dug up some gold beads to add a bit more bling.

The pin pad is a foam core that is sandwiched between two cards with batting and the needlework or backing fabric attached. All the fabric is supposed to be glued to the cards, but I found it much easier to lace it with threads. It was fairly time consuming for such a little project but it did go together nicely. It's only 2 inches square, and it makes a lovely little thing to look at. It's just a tad too big to use as a scissors fob, so for now it will be just little pretty thing.


  1. I quite agree, there's no way I could stick pins in either nice silk fabric, or near such a lovely design that I'd worked so hard on. You've made a lovely job of this - congrats to you this time!!=)

  2. Hi Cynthia, I like you don't like using glues to much in my embroideries, just don't think it's good for the fibres. Love your 'little thing' But maybe the pins could be there as just decoration, and be pulled out again??

  3. I can't bring myself to use mine, either, but as you say, it's a charming piece!

  4. it's just beautiful and you can never have too many pretty little things!


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