Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Or, how I spent my Christmas Vacation. Mr. California Stitching and I installed closet organizers from Home Depot in the closet in my sewing room (twelve feet nine inches wide!).

This is where I am at the moment. Only one of the large drawers on the right is filled, the rest are all empty. You should see all the fabric on the floor out of range of the camera. I'm trying to put only mini bolts on the shelves, fat quarters and scraps in bins on the floor, and really fine fabrics behind the closed doors. It's a fairly slow process to try to figure out where to put everything, as I don't have a good feel for how much of each category, that is, fabric mini bolts, fat quarters and scraps, laces, fine fabrics, etc., that I have.

I was very fortunate to receive these books for Christmas. I want to get into more garment sewing for me, and will tackle the Shirtmaking book first. In fact, the blue fabric hanging in the previous photo is for shirts. I took a class in Schwalm Embroidery at the 2011 SAGA Convention in Anaheim, California, and decided to explore it a little more on my own. And of course I couldn't resist the latest Country Bumpkin publication, Blissful Beginnings. This is a lovely book on embroidered blankets.

I received the box of threads on the right, all polyester, which I find is just great for most construction. The spools of cotton thread on the left are from me hitting the thread sale at Joann's.

One of my New Year's resolutions, from a few years ago, is to make a list of the projects I have ongoing and to start. Another is to be a better blogger as I've been quite a slacker lately. What are your stitching resolutions for 2013?


  1. We all get slack at blogging at times. I love your storage. Very lucky to be having it so beautifully organised. Worth all the time and effort.

  2. Can I come and help??!! I love organising things...

    Looks like a nice room and the width alone is twice the size of mine, so it seems cavernous to me!!=)

    The Gutermann threads look useful!

  3. Happy New Year!

    Your sewing room looks beautifully tidy and well-organised - an example to us all.

    I think my stitching resolution is to be more pro-active at marketing my work. NOT something I like doing...

  4. You certainly have some lovely cabinets to inspire your organization! My goals for the New Sewing Year? Soooo many. I think I will start with a skirt I've been wanting to make then attack the Sure Fit Designs pants kit.

  5. I like the look of your sewing room, you lucky lady!
    It is always nice to get stitching books, although I must admit I have not been impressed with the instructions by Christine Bishop ( I have the same book), you should try the "queen" of Schwalm, Luzine Happel:

  6. What a fabulous sewing room you will have! This looks like stitching heaven to me. You will be even more productive with this nice set up. Congratulations!

  7. Happy new year! The cabinets look great. I think you will have quite a cozy room when you are done!

  8. E' stupenda la tua stanza di cucito, una vera meraviglia!!!! Chissà quali meraviglie usciranno da questa stanza....per quanto mi riguarda, sarà un anno in full immertion nel matrimonio di mia figlia, mi ha eletto a sua wedding planner e ciò significa che dovrò fare quasi tutto......sono felice e allo stesso tempo preoccupata: speriamo bene!!! Ti auguro un Sereno 2013

  9. I love your choice of cabinets!

  10. The sewing room organization furniture is just perfect! I know you are going to love working in this beautiful room. Sewing Goals for 2013? Have more fun (sew what I WANT to sew and less 'have to'), sew a-long with Project Run and Play, complete 6 UFO's!


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