Saturday, January 19, 2013

Almost There...

The sewing room is filling up quite nicely. As you can see, I've made great progress in putting away the fabric. I have it organized, sort of, and I'll share that with you when I've finished. The mini bolts are on the shelves, with fat quarters and scraps in the bins. See the little three drawer shelves? They hold mostly sewing notions, and I hope to empty the contents into small bins and use the drawers for embroidery threads. I'm saving those for last as I think it will be my biggest headache.

This is today's project, sorting out the laces. I've come down with a slight cold, so this is the perfect tasks, picking through all the lovely laces while sitting on the floor drinking ginger tea.  Some time ago I took all the laces, measured them, and wound them around the acid free cards for storage. As I took these out to put into smaller bins, I realized that I did all that winding six years ago, in 2007. I need to use this stuff up! For those of you who are horrified by the plastic containers, I don't seal them, just place the lid on to keep the dust out, and throw in a lavender sachet.

I'm not getting a bit of sewing or embroidery done, which is beginning to really annoy me. I may take some time out from organizing to sit and stitch. On my table, which you can't see in the photo, are at least three UFO's in danger of getting lost in the jumble. I just received a Needlework Nibble from Thistle Threads this past week, and have this kit from Needle in a Haystack on its way, so the pile isn't getting any smaller.


  1. Wow, Cynthia, it's looking good! I love your cabinets and drawers and cubbies...very nice! This will be such a pleasant space to work once it is finished!


  2. Cynthia, this looks wonderful! You will enjoy this lovely workspace so much and get even more done. Don't worry about that pile growing taller, it's just needle fun waiting for you. I hope your cold goes away soon.

  3. Your room is looking wondeful. That is quite a collection of laces, too!FWIW, Martha Stewart says it is perfectly OK to store heirlooms textiles in the frosty plastic totes. The crystal clear ones are a big no non but the frost ones are OK. I am sure there is some technical reason but don't know it and wanted to pass this along to you. Love this room!!

  4. La tua stanza da cucito è semplicemente adorabile, che meraviglia tutti i bei spazi che hai

  5. Slowly but surely you are getting there. It will be so worth all the effort. Hope your cold is gone in a flash too.

  6. Wonderful! Now you have inspired me to continue organizing! Thank you. Your newest follower!


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