Monday, August 20, 2012

Slight Progress

I meant to show you the progress on the lower left leaves, but somehow I got ahead of myself. Mind you, this rarely happens. So here are the leaves all stitched, and the veins stitched with split stitch.

Here I've started on the lower left flower, and decided to outline all the petals at once so I don't get confused as to which petal is on top. The two lower petals are the top, looking perpendicular to the fabric. I thought the first petal came out a bit dark.

Looking at the photo in the instruction booklet, it's much lighter than what I embroidered. I thought I read the instructions correctly, which said to use the three darkest shades, Anchor 1025, 10, and 9, on the first petal.

This is a close up of the completed flower. Obviously it has some of the lighter shades in it. I can't make mine much lighter as it will then have a bump near the base of the petal. So I think I'll make the petal to the right similar in color, and the three front petals progressively lighter. It won't look quite like the original, but I think it will do.


  1. You are making good progress with this and it looks great.

  2. i think your flower will look fine by doing it the way you explained. it will make it look like the light is catching the front petals and i suppose if it does work you could always just pull back some of the flower to accommodate the extra colours needed.

  3. Cynthia, You always have to nicest looking thread painting.

  4. I think it will look delightful. Remember that what you are learning is the technique, so if you have one flower slightly darker, well, if you study them, flowers in nature are rarely identical!

  5. Very beautiful things in your blog. Thanks Michy

  6. Mamma mia che meraviglia!!!!!!! Ogni volta che passo da te trovo lavori stupendi, sei fortissima!!!!! Baci


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