Monday, April 16, 2012

A Garnet Bag

So here I am with the next project, which I have absolutely no business starting as I have so many unfinished projects to work. But when I saw this kit at the SAGA Convention Market last October in the Country Bumpkin Booth, I had to have it. The project is called Garnet, and is a purse worked in Presencia perlé cotton and cotton floss in Color No. 1915, a deep blood red (or garnet!) on natural linen. The linen is fused to a lightweight interfacing for stability. I'm not an expert on types of embroidery, but this looks to me like a variation of Deerfield Embroidery, which is a Michigan version of Jacobean Embroidery, but worked all in blue. If anyone of you out there knows better than this, please feel free to correct me.

Here are the first of the stems, stitched using a heavy chain stitch. The stitch is made heavy by passing the needle through two chain stitches at a time, instead of one.

I'm sure you are wondering why you can barely see the lines on the fabric. I can barely see them myself. I used this new Sewline pencil, in pink, to draw the lines. I learned about it at the SAGA Convention so ordered one for myself. I think it is probably better suited to fine fabrics, not dark or nubby fabrics such as linen. I can see the lines, but as I said, just barely. I will probably have to refer to the photo of the embroidery quite a bit as I progress.

Now here is the best part of the project. I have it mounted on my new Needle Needs Millennium Frame and the Necessaire Floor Stand.  I'm sure you have seen this described in other blogs, such as NeedlenThread and The Unbroken Thread so I won't repeat it here, but will say that this is one very, very nice stand and frame.  Look at the smile on Kathy's face on the Unbroken Thread post! That's just how I feel, and I'm no way as tall as Kathy. I just love how easy the frame is to mount and tighten the work so it is stretched taut for embroidery.

So I'll be working this project in the evenings, now that it's a bit lighter due to Daylight Savings Time. I mentioned last time that I have carpooling projects, and it caused a bit of confusion. I have a fairly long commute to work, 65 miles each way. So I carpool with a coworker, and we trade off each day who is driving. We have virtually no public transportation to where we need to go. On the days that I don't have to drive, I have a hand sewing on which to work in the car. It can't be too exacting, as there are too many bumps in the road for really precise work. But I can still get quite a lot done.

Have a great week!


  1. I love this pattern, I think it was by Anna Scott. Lots of interesting stitches. I'm so glad to see it being done!

  2. Yes, the frame and stand are great - I'm using them too! As you say, the Sewline pencil is better suited to finer fabrics, but at least you needn't worry about marks showing when you've finished the embroidery!

  3. This bag is also on my list "things to do",Cynthia! It is in issue 71 of the Inspirations magazine published by CB (yes,by Anna Scott), I love it.
    I also have frames and floor and table (lap) stand from Needle Needs! I am proud to say it is my local company, a few miles away from where I live here in Somerset (UK). All their producs are so well made.

  4. Love that bag! I think it was on the cover of the magazine, wasn't it? You were in the right part of the alphabet for the state with the Deerfield embroidery: it's actually Massachusetts where the Deerfield Society for Blue and White Embroidery existed from about 1896 to 1926 with their distinctive blue crewel designs. Hard nowadays to locate information but you can see some good Google images of the designs.


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