Monday, March 28, 2011

Stumpwork Initial Progress

Another prewritten post to keep you all entertained while I'm in London. I've been making slow and unsteady progress on the Stumpwork Initial. As you can see, all of the flowers are finished, except for the centers. I'll do those as I attach them to the initial, as I may stack or overlap some. So I can finish up the petals - those are the heart shaped things in the center, do a few more leaves, then call it quits.

I am beginning to get really, really tired of this project. Embroidering all these flowers, leaves and petals is getting to be extremely tedious. I am so looking forward to cutting all these out and arranging them on the initial.

In my last post I was anguishing about running out of the Gumnuts Stars threads that came with the kit. I had planned on driving to Needlepoints, Ltd up in Garden Grove to replace my dwindling supplies. But then I got there and found they haven't carried this line for over five years! Nor do they carry Madiera silk floss. I was so disappointed. But I managed to get some Au ver a soie, Soie d'Alger in 4147 and 2941, very light and slightly less so pinks. The two flowers just right of center on the bottom are made of these. It's not too bad of a match, and will look fine (I hope) once embroidered in place on the initial.


  1. I hjeartily sympathise Cynthia! I have an increasingly short attention span and anything that goes on and on without enough variety drives me nuts too. Having said that, it feels good to finish though, doesn't it? I look forward to seeing your finish on this one.=)

  2. The new threads match quite well. I look forward to seeing it completed one day soon. I too need variety and that is why I always have at least 2-3 projects on the go.


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