Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Precious Embroidered Snail

Tricia Wilson Nguyen of Thistle Threads specializes in Historical Embroidery, and recently conducted a Jacket Tour in the UK, inspired by the Plimoth Jacket project she has been working on for several years now. While at the Fashion Museum in Bath, she found a wonderful collection of gloves that need to have storage boxes and stands purchased to better display and store the collection.

So she has put together a new Needlework Nibble of a snail inspired by one of the gloves. You can read about this project on her latest blog entry. She will donate $7.50 of each kit cost to the museum, and has already sold two thirds of the 125 kits already made up. She has materials for more, but when she runs out, the kit probably won't be available. I've already ordered mine and hope to work it soon!

I have already made one of her Needlework Nibbles, The Gilded Grapes, that I posted about back in June. These little kits are great for trying out new techniques and materials, and make great scissors fobs, little box covers, or even lovely pattern weights. I made a pincushion out of the grapes, and while I use it, I make sure not to poke needles and pins through the grapes. Most of the kits for the other Needlework Nibbles are sold out, but she has several other kits for sale.

Please visit her site to see the gloves and the stands with storage boxes.

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  1. What a cute little snail! Amazing what creative people can do with a little fabric and thread!



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