Monday, December 20, 2010

Future Christmas Sewing

Christmas chores are getting to me this year and I am falling fearfully behind! But doesn't that happen to many of us? But this post is all about what to make in Christmases yet to come. I'm linking up with Laurie Anderson's Linky Party again, this one about the Spirit of Christmas future. I prefer "yet to come" as that is what is used in Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I just finished listening to an excellent recording of the book by Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror fame, no less) which was a freebie that came with my Audible account from last year.


I bought this cute kit of gift card holder ornaments thinking I could get them made up for the various Borders, iTunes, and other gift cards we give our children each year. But as you can see by the very neat kit still in the bag, it hasn't been touched. So maybe next year.

These are die cut Christmas shapes I bought with no clear idea of what to do with them. I thought that maybe I could use them as gift tags, but that red and green, not to mention the gingerbread color, will be somewhat hard to write on. The angel shape gave me the idea of making a cute embroidered felt angel ornament, but that didn't get done either. Sigh!

Now this one I bought with every intention of keeping it for the future. This is a kit by Jenny McWhinney, who specializes in needle painting, very often with wool threads. I made a darling stocking for my granddaughter last year from one of Jenny's patterns, and if my daughter remembers to bring it with her I'll photograph it and share it with you. I bought this kit hoping for a second grandbaby!

There are several other projects that are left for the future, including more than a few Advent calendars and some Christmas lap quilts. But those are subjects for future posts.

Are you getting any Christmas sewing/baking/etc, done?


  1. I love to think about projects for Christmases yet to come, especially when I'm in the thick of Christmas present! All your projects look like fun and I love the idea of the gift card holders. They are awfully cute. The die-cuts could be sewn onto card stock and embellished to make gift tags or even Christmas cards to mail.

    I will be wrapping up teacher gifts of baked goods and jelly today so the kids can bring them in tomorrow, and after that, just my grocery shopping for the weekend and I'm pretty well set here. The kids are so excited and having little ones sure makes the anticipation of Christmas fun for everyone.

    Have a good week!


  2. Oh your future projects look like fun-fun-fun! I too love the idea of the gift card holders! Thanks for being a part of my Linky Party!


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