Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hideous Green Afghan is Finished!

Finally, the green afghan I started in October is finished. If you recall, I brought it along to crochet in the car while we drove to Texas and then on to Colorado. I didn't have enough of the green, so I ended up buying six skeins of Sensations Angel Hair yarn which has green to match the original yarn.

It ended up at 47 x 53 inches, a nice size for a lap quilt. I think Oscar definitely improves the look of it, don't you think? If no one in my family wants it, I will end up giving it away to a shelter or hospital.

The pattern is a very simple single crochet developed by Mary Grace at Hooked on Needles. It certainly is nice to get rid of that yarn. It had been in the house since 1992, almost two decades!


  1. Hooray Cynthia! Doesn't it just FEEL good to use up and make something useful out of yarn that has been taking up space for so long? I just love the variegated yarn around the solid color! We have several scrappy blankets made with odd combinations of yarns leftover from other projects, and this pattern is great for doing that! Looks like Oscar has claimed this one for himself :)


  2. Aunt Cindy,

    Love the green afghan and the kitty on top!

    xoxo Claudia

  3. Oscar look so peaceful here, Aunt Cindy. Why isn't he like that to all of us? The blanket looks really nice. But you are right, Oscar makes that picture.



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