Sunday, December 13, 2015

My New Home - UPDATE!

Some of you have expressed interest in knowing how the new house is coming along, and I had idly thought of starting a new blog just for my new home construction. But I thought better of it, as I worried about maintaining two blogs when I have enough to do with just the one. Instead, I'll have a series of posts describing the building and all we went through to get to this stage. Just click on the label "New Home" in the cloud to see all the posts (but not now, this is the first post). Here is the house a few days ago, and already it looks different! The windows are in and some of the shingles on the gables are being installed. On the left, behind the Port - a - Potty, there is a baby park, which is nice. So far the lot in back of us hasn't been sold. The neighborhood is about 80% built, which means there shouldn't be a lot of construction going on for a long time. Altogether there are six houses in work, including ours.

And this is the house today. The roof tiles are still there and won't be installed until all the snow melts, which may be a while as we have more snow in the forecast for Tuesday.

We are hoping for a completing date of March or April at the latest, and will stay in our apartment until April 19, when our lease ends. This will give us time to get all the closets installed, and have all of our furniture moved in and put away. That's the theory, anyway.

Sunday morning update: I'm so sorry that I haven't been very complete in the posts. We are located in Loveland, Colorado, to be near our grandchildren. While I have been here since late February for the grandson's birth in March, we sold our house in California and my husband (and cat) moved in late July. Almost all of my sewing stash and tools are in storage, which makes for an interesting sewing experience here in Colorado.


  1. How exciting, Cynthia! I have not been following anyone's blogs for the past few months, so it was quite a surprise to pop in here today and see that you are having a new house built! I am almost jealous! It was such fun and excitement when we had our current home built 15 years ago. I enjoyed every step of the process. I hope your experience goes well! Snow already? where is this located? We have not had even one flake yet this season, and I'm hoping we don't until after my exams are finished this coming week!

    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi Mary Grace, it's so good to hear from you again, please see the update on the blog.

  2. Wow! That's quite a change. Hope all goes well and you're able to get fully resettled soon. ☺

  3. I hope the build progresses smoothly for you!


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