Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Embroidering the Large Pink Bud

Here I am starting on the large pink bud, supposedly related to the large pink flower on its lower left.

Adding some pink shading.

And the finished bud. I'm not too sure I like the color scheme, but well, there it is. Notice the unfinished leaf above the bud? It will stay like that for a while, as I'm almost out of thread for it. Darn it. There are three small pink buds that need to be embroidered; you can see them in the previous post, outlined in yellow. I will complete those before I order any more thread, just in case I have to order more of the pinks.

In other news: the sale of our house closes on Monday, and we move out on Tuesday. There are still several boxes to pack, and at least one trip to the dump to get rid of excess trash. Our receptacles are almost filled and we just had trash collection yesterday. It's a wonder that I'm getting any embroidery done, as I'm usually too distracted to concentrate on it. But we got quite a bit done today and are on track to being completely packed in time. We may even go whale watching on Sunday. The last time we went out all we saw were a few dolphins, so we were give free tickets for another trip. Lately there have been sitings of blue whales, lots of common dolphins, and occasional minke, orca, humpback whales and a bottlenose dolphin or two.  Even if we don't see any whales or dolphins, it will be refreshing to get out on the water, and free is always good!

Colorado won't have whales, but it will have grand babies!


  1. the colors are striking and beautiful nice to see!

  2. I think I understand your concern about the colour scheme - at least in the photo - but you may find that when the whole thing is finished, all the colours settle in nicely together.

  3. Your stitching is absolutely beautiful! Good luck with the packing and moving!

    I know that this is obviously a very busy time for you, but I thought I'd mention that I host a weekly Stitchery Link Party for all things hand embroidered and I'd love to have you come link up this post so my readers can come see too.

    I do hope you'll come join the fun!

  4. I was just looking at the original in your earlier post, and the colours look different there. Less blue. But, I still like it, and that little pop may be just the right touch in the end. Still, it is very frustrating that you are running out of thread!


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