Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Little Corner Finished

I've chosen to go with the third border option from the previous post, which I'm sure will give me fits as I try to swap out blue and cream pieces and keep it the pattern correct. But if you compare the piecing diagram in the previous post with the segment above, you might see a mistake.

See the two blocks the seam ripper is straddling? Well, they are reversed. The two star blocks shouldn't be next to each other, they should be on point to each other. So I ripped away and sewed them back correctly.

And here it is, correct this time. This section only measures about 44 inches (112 cm) on the right sides of the triangle. Since this will finish at about 100 inches (254 cm) on each side, you can see I have quite a long way to go. Right now this piece of a quilt is in our study, right behind where I'm sitting as I write this. I think I can squeeze in an extra row in the space I have available, but it will have to wait until Tuesday, which is my next completely free day. With the color changes that I'm making and the somewhat complex piecing diagram, I need to take this very slowly and carefully. So far, so good.

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  1. Yes, it's going to be a tricky one to put together! I know a quilter who uses a sheet under all the pieces, and then somehow rolls or folds it for storage or travel. Flannel is best, but I understand you may not have flannel sheets with your climate!

    Anyway, it's looking good!

  2. I think the Blue and Cream are so pretty!

  3. Take it slow and steady - it will be lovely when it's done!

  4. Sono fantastici, bellissime anche le tinte. Complimenti!!!!!


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