Friday, July 5, 2013

Flower Girl Dresses in Action

Trying on the dress in the hotel. You can see my hands on the left trying to tie the sash. Luckily I made copies of "How to tie a sash" from Country Bumpkin's A-Z of Sewing for Smockers.

We were asked not to take pictures during the ceremony, and unfortunately Mr. California Stitching took it all to heart, not taking many either before or after. Luckily, he got a shot of them scattering rosebuds. You can barely see my great niece in the matching dress off to the right.  She wasn't too sure about the whole process, and spent the ceremony running around off to the side with her grandpa following.  Both dresses fit perfectly, which was a bit of a concern as I was working off measurements only.  The larger dress is a size 4 and the smaller is a Toddler Large (McCall's), which is roughly a 2T.

Much better photo of Bridget. The ceremony took place in Roseville, California, right in the middle of the heat wave. It was 106 °F in the shade. The minister had to cut the ceremony a bit short as everyone was practically melting in the sweltering heat. The highest temperature we saw was 109 °F on the way home through the Central Valley on Tuesday. Luckily we spent a couple of days in Pacific Grove, which is just south of Monterey, and much, much cooler.

Next up: I have the smaller of the two dresses at home. I'll be taking off all of the purple, thank goodness I only hand tacked it on! Then I will add a self fabric sash and maybe a white overskirt to get it ready for my great niece's Christening next month.

I also have a couple of other sewing projects to tell you about, and I hope to start a new embroidery project soon!


  1. Che meraviglia Cynthia!!!!!! Sono stupendi e le bimbe bellissime. Mamma mia perĂ² che caldo.... comunque complimenti per tutto. Baci

  2. These are just gorgeous and even prettier on those beautiful little girls. I love the way you made a single-use garment versatile enough that it can be used again.


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