Sunday, June 16, 2013

Flower Girl Dresses Update

The basic flower girl dresses are complete. This is a toddler large, for my great niece.  My sister thought it wasn't poufy enough, so I added an extra ruffle to the tulle later.  The dress is constructed with a lining and a layer of tulle between the lining and skirt.

Luckily I had just enough tulle to make a 2/3 length ruffle to add to the existing tulle.

Here it is, much more poufy. Rather difficult to photograph a white dress, isn't it? The fabric, a polyester shantung, is somewhat difficult to work with as it ravels just as much as silk does. I self lined the bodices but used lining fabric for the skirts.

Now this one, for my granddaughter, is a size 4. Any more poufiness would look silly. I think the light purple overskirt will add enough volume. This pattern has three skirt panels, which I find weird. I wish I had paid more attention to it before I cut it out so I would have put the front on the fold. Oh well, I won't do this with the overskirt. Obviously, they both need a good pressing.

I've been really interested in couture sewing techniques lately. Here I've handpicked the zipper instead of sewing it in by machine. It really is so much easier and doesn't take too much longer. I also understitched the bodice linings by hand. I love hand sewing so I think it's fun. Eventually I'll write a post about the dress I made for my son's graduation that I will also wear to this wedding (and maybe another in August).

Retirement is just wonderful. I'm so relaxed, but not two weeks in I caught a ghastly cold. It hit me Tuesday afternoon, while I was getting ready to host our local SAGA guild as the regular hostess is away. It just seems to be getting worse each day. This morning I woke with laryngitis and can't say a thing above a whisper. I've been living on hot tea and cough drops.

Time to get the grill ready for the Father's Day steaks. I'm making a tomato and avocado salad while our son makes cornbread. Grilled pineapple wedges for dessert.

Next up: the overskirts, sashes, and hair bows.


  1. I have seen articles in Threads magazine about how to do hand picked zippers. It looks relatively straightforward and if you have a knack and liking for hand work, so much the better. Dresses look great and dinner sounds wonderful!

  2. Hope you feel better quickly. I finally have a voice back after 21/2 weeks! Hopefully that is my last cold for the year lol fingers crossed. Enjoying seeing some beautiful heirloom stitching too.


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