Saturday, November 24, 2012

Finally, a Christmas Project Finished

Thanksgiving is now over and the Christmas Season has begun! Not that I do a great deal of Christmas sewing, but at long last I have finished this little wall hanging quilt to hang on my mother's door.

This little project was purchased at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach this summer, and is designed by Carriage Country Quilts.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find this pattern after a cursory look at their website. It's from 2011, so maybe it's been discontinued. The kit that I bought has more of a "country" feel to it than what is shown on the package. By that I mean my kit had more shades of brown in it, as opposed to clearer reds. However, I like it. I made a few small changes, I didn't embroider the outer border, and I added a few beads here and there for sparkle. I also used several different shades of brick red for the embroidery, to try to add a bit of dimension to it. I'm not sure I succeeded.

I love quick and easy projects like this one. They seem to be made just for me. I just now need to get it to my mother's room to hang on her door.

She still has this hanging on her door, which is obviously a bit out of season. I made this in May, 2010, so it is definitely time for an update.

I'm off to Joann's today to gather materials for a Christmas gift for my granddaughter, Bridget, who is now 5 1/2 years old (I can't believe it).

I hope you have a great weekend stitching away, putting up the Christmas tree, and eating Thanksgiving leftovers (for those of you in the US). My favorite is stuffing with turkey gravy thinned with turkey stock, sort of a stuffing soup.


  1. It's so cute! I check on your projects from time to time for motivation. Your Bee Eater is coming along nice also. Your 'fluffy feathers' are done better than mine. Something I need to work on before I try another bird.

    I am wondering if the last row of half squares on your wall hanging is going to magically change in appearance over the next week?

    I made a quilt to give a friend for her new baby. Got all done with the binding and quilting, didn't notice until I presented it to her that one of the 'tulip' flowers was upside down. :)

    Blessed Thanksgiving to you.

  2. E' bellissimo, tua madre sarà felicissima, è un ottimo regalo.
    Buon fine settimana

  3. I like your Christmas wall hanging :-) The brown works, sometimes you can have too much red.

  4. So cute. I love your wall or door hanging. It will be sure to bring some good cheer.

  5. Yay, always nice to have a finish! It is a really cute pattern.

    We will still wait a couple of weeks to put up the tree, however, we did have the lightest dusting of snow this morning! It was gone by 10 am, but still, it puts you in the mood. If only Mother Nature understood that after Christmas, no more snow is needed!


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