Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Starting on the Little Bee Eater

Thank you to Monica from Lakeview Stitching. I was wondering if I should pack up the Chinese Birds and Flowers project and switch to this one in the sit-upon hoop. Monica was very definitely in favor of doing so, and because of her encouragement, I have made a start on the Little Bee Eater, an online class taught by Trish Burr of Cape Town, South Africa.  In this photo, most of the tail feathers were completed before I remembered to take a picture.

The completed tail feathers. I've made a start on the branch, and will post photos soon.

Needle painting is fun, but I find that I really have to watch what I am doing all the time. I thought I would listen to books on tape, but that isn't working out at all. I need to concentrate on getting the shading right, and the book I'm listening to, The Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan, doesn't allow me to concentrate much on anything else. While not quite exactly a history book, it is distilled for the non-historian from his academic work on the same subject, but still takes a great deal of effort to understand what is going on. I simply can't get all those Greek names straight.

My house is still in an uproar from the popcorn scraping. I still don't have any hallway lights, but I did have the presence of mind to plug in a stand Ott-lite into the power strip that somehow peeks from behind boxes in the study where we have the computer. So at least I can get in here in the dark and get on the computer without stubbing toes or falling in the dark. Soon it will be done!


  1. LOL! Thanks for the link! I know you will enjoy the class. Was the diagram pre-printed? It was a kit, right?

    It will be fun to watch your progress. I hope you get your sewing room back in order soon, I can imagine that it will be a tremendous relief!

  2. It sounds like complete chaos - I'm very impressed that you've set a stitch at all, let alone so neatly! Maybe you could have music on while stitching, rather than trying to listen to a nearly-academic book?

  3. Good advice from Monica. The kit and instructions are wonderful but having access to Trish for the duration of the class is invaluable. The Little Bee Eater is so cute, I wish I was doing the class with you but I didn't sign up because I already have to much going on and I know that was the right decision. Even so .....


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