Friday, June 29, 2012

Just a Bit of Embroidery Done

I've mentioned before that I've been in the stitching doldrums lately,  but I did manage to get in a few stitches on my Garnet Purse. I had this grand idea that I would finish it in time to take it on vacation over the Fourth of July holiday, but you can see that that idea got nowhere.

I worked on this last Sunday, and decided to take it with me in the car when it was my carpooler's turn to drive. These leaves are made using three strands of floss, unusual in that most of the embroidery in worked in perlé cotton. These leaves are made with buttonhole stitch, which I didn't think I would like at first, but realized that they came out looking quite nice.

I also managed a bit of progress on some of the flowers.  Tomorrow morning we head out to Colorado to see the granddaughter (and her mom and dad), and I'm bringing this with me, hoping to make some progress on it in the car.

There have been terrible wildfires in Colorado lately, but luckily the weather has cooled into the 90's so that's helping. So you won't see too many posts until I return in just over a week. Have a great week!


  1. It is coming along nicely. I really like the red colour on the linen.

  2. Sempre stupendi e affascinanti i tuoi lavori. Ti auguro una bella vacanza, speriamo che lecatastrofi ci stiano lontane e che in Colorado non ci siano più incendi, anche in Italia fa caldissimo e purtroppo, non nella mia città, ma in Emilia, c'è stato un terribile terremoto che ha portato morte e distruzione, speriamo in giorni migliori. Un grosso abbraccio

  3. Love the use of just one color. It is looking gorgeous. Have a safe trip and I hope your family is safe from the fires.

  4. I still love this project! Oh, for more time...

  5. Your handwork is just breathtaking! Have a great, safe trip.


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