Sunday, April 18, 2010

Buttonhole Stitch

I am making some progress on the Shirley Temple Dress. I have managed to finish the outline of the scallop on one armhole, and started on the buttonhole stitch.

I am working buttonhole stitch over the split stitch of the scallops, using the DMC cotton floche, #799. You probably cannot see it, but I removed the swiss dots from the scallops, so as not to interfere with the stitching. This is going to take quite a while, and I don't think it will be finished by the time we visit my daughter and granddaughter on Thursday. Luckily, I have already made a dress for her second birthday, and once I have photos, will post them for you. I am using a #7 between needle, which is a bit wider than a #10 sharp and accomodates the floche a little better than the sharp. Wendy recommends either one, and I find that the #7 between widens the hole in the fabric a bit better than the #10 sharp, so it is not so hard on the floche. Since I am using split stitch for the outline, I have had to dip into my store of floche as the kit contained enough only if I had used the running stitch for the outline. Luckily, I have every color of floche that exists, probably enough to last my lifetime.

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