Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Report from Anaheim

Today was a half day class as the Convention has its Market in the afternoon. Which was fine, as I needed something a bit simpler after two intense days of very fine handwork in Jeannie Baumeister's "Rosebuds and Hemstitched Baby Dress". I took Susie Gay's class, "Beauty from Scraps: Padded Baby Hanger". Susie is the proprietor of Berryhill Heirlooms in Smithfield, Virgina.  This year is the first year she has taught at the Convention, and I think she will definitely be a repeat teacher; at least I hope so. She is a natural teacher that had the class completely engaged right from the start.

We made this darling little hanger for baby dresses out of scraps of fabric, lace and silk ribbon. When I get home I'll post a better photo. This was taken in my hotel room and loaded on my laptop which doesn't have any good photo editing software. What was so good about this class is first and foremost, it was pretty easy! And as I mentioned earlier, I was really ready for easy! Susie makes some lovely garments and always makes a matching padded hanger for each, and showed us several examples of hangers that she has made in the past. This was a class that not only gave us a pattern but included several variations that we can use to create hangers to match our own creations.

This afternoon was the Market, in which many of the teachers and other vendors held an open shop. I dropped a considerable amount of cash today, but bought some lovely things which I'll share with you on another post. One of my favorite vendors was here, Luc Smiers of Fine French Laces. Luc wasn't here but had representatives selling a great selection of Maline laces at unbelievably low prices. 

So now it's Friday night and I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow is a very long day, what with a full day of classes then our annual banquet in the evening.

Good night, and I'll post again Sunday evening or Monday morning.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time catching up with people and enjoying your classes too. SUch a lucky girl!


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